Frequently asked

How can I purchase my ticket?

How can I purchase my ticket?
At our affiliated travel-agents which are placed in the central ports of Kasos and Karpathos.
Am I eligible for a discount?
Our company discount policy offers special prices for certain passenger categories (eg. Children, passengers with disabilities, etc.). In case you belong to one of these, please make sure you are carrying the relevant documents with you, in order to show them to the Financial Naval Officer in charge of ticket control.

Where is the departure port?
From the central ports of Kasos and Karpathos.
KASOS: Port of Kasos (map)
KARPATHOS: Pigadia Karpathos. (map)

How can I cancel or replace my ticket and what are my rights?
In order to cancel or replace your ticket you will have to return it to the issuing office or the affiliated central travel agencies. After the ship's departure, tickets may not be cancelled, replaced or changed to open tickets.

What are the reasons for departure cancellations?
Departure might be cancelled due to weather conditions, force majeure or by command of the Port Authority.

What happens in case I am not on time for departure?In the unfortunate event that you are not on time for departure we regrettably inform you that you may not re-issue or refund the ticket.

Is there disability access to the boats?
People with disabilities may easily access the ships as they don't have to ascend on a higher deck. Our staff members are always available to assist you in any way.

Μay my pet travel with me?
Your pet is permitted to travel with you as long as all necessary conditions are met. According to the present regulations, animals are not allowed at the ship's indoors areas. However, your pet may travel with you, under your own supervision, on deck, where there are specially designed areas. Please make sure you have your pet's recently updated health booklet with you.

May I send a pet un-accompanied?
Regrettably, our company will not undertake the transportation of un-accompanied pets.

How and when can I send a parcel?
In case you would like to send a parcel, you will have to deliver it to the ship's Naval Officer, 1 hour prior to departure. The receiver must be at the port of arrival to receive the parcel, otherwise the parcel will be returned to the port of departure and the sender will be charged again if they wish to re-send it. The ships have fridge and refrigerator areas for transferring edibles and delicate goods.

Where will I store my luggage when on board?
There are specially designed storage areas for luggage. The passengers are responsible for their luggage. In case you are carrying valuables, please inform the Naval Officer who will take care of their safekeeping.

Which is the time that i must be in the port before the departure?
You must be in the port at least 30 min before the departure time.

Do I have to confirm departure times?
It would be wise to confirm with the local Port Office in case there are changes to the itinerary you are planning to travel. We are trying our best to inform everyone in case a route changes. However, especially at bad weather conditions, strikes etc., it would be best to contact directly the Port Office or the local travel agencies.

Can I re-issue or refund a lost ticket?
Regrettably, in case you lose your ticket, there can be no re-issue or refund.

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